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From throwing eggs at neighbours to 10’s of thousands at strip clubs and now add drag racing in Miami to the list, Bieber seems out of control.

Apparently Justin Bieber had his entourage block off a street while he raced his Lamborghini. It was also reported that he displayed signs of being under the influence of drugs of some sort.  Read more below.


Charity is no get out of jail free card they say…

Ty Warner, who created Beanie Babies is in jail for evading taxes. He cried and shown remorse, but still must serve his time. More below.

Granny’s law lands Walmart puncher in jail

The Holiday season stresses a lot of us out, but this story provides good reason for learning to control your temper. The offender was convicted under the state “Granny’s Law” in New York State (the victim being 65 or older and the assault being committed by someone at least 10 years younger).  On appeal, the sentence was reduced from 5 years to 1 year.  More information below.

A New Brunswick Court found a man guilty of assault for throwing his coins at the clerk when she told him he was 11 cents short for his medium coffee.  The defence led in this case included the claim that he was “throwing the money past her, not at her.”  This defence was not successful.  Perhaps the better choice for this caffeine deprived customer would have been to order a small coffee.

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Man Convicted of Assault for Throwing Coins at Coffee Shop Clerk

Reports say that it was a valid defence to use such deadly force to stop such an assault in Texas.

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