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When this man tried to return training wheels for his daughter’s bike, and was refused, an act of frustration resulted in detention by 4 security guards. This, however resulted in a loss of dignity and garnered a $7,000 award.

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In Digby, Nova Scotia, the RCMP were called to a convenience store to review a dispute where a black man, who just got paid, was refused service because the clerk thought the $100 bill he was trying to use to purchase gum and cigarettes was fake. The police were called, which was welcomed by the victim, however, on arrival the man was beaten, arrested, and pepper sprayed.  Not what he was expecting. 11 years later, the settlement reached came in at $248,000.

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Talk about making a statement. Samsung sent 30 truckloads of coins to cover its 1 billion judgment debt to Apple.  More info can be found here.